Here is a key to enjoy Osaka and easy-to-get services with Osaka Bob!

Let's enjoy Osaka with unlimited internet service in approximately 5,000 locations in Osaka for free
"Osaka Free Wi-Fi" and a lot of discounts on the Osaka's information website "Osaka Enjoy Rally"!

  • Find this sticker as landmarks!
  • Find this sticker as landmarks!

How to use Osaka Free Wi-Fi

Osaka Free Wi-Fi provides free Internet access at approximately 5,000 locations in Osaka.
Osaka Free Wi-Fi is available at stations and major locations. Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite is available at individual stores.

  1. Tap 'setting'
  2. Tap 'Wi-Fi' on
  3. Choose 'Osaka_Free_Wi-Fi' or 'Osaka_Free_Wi-Fi_Lite'
  4. Start browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  5. Tap 'internet here'
  6. Tap 'register right away'
  7. Confirm terms of use then, tap 'agree'
  8. Enter email address then, tap 'confirm'
  9. If email address is not wrong, tap 'register'
  10. Check security level then, tap 'agree' (2parts)
  11. It is connencted to internet. Screen will be changed automatically.
  12. Please utilize Osaka Enjoy Rally fully.

Feature of each service

Reset Intervals Restriction of Use
Osaka Free Wi-Fi Every 1 hour No limitation
Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite Every 30 minutes 8 times/day (4 hour total)
  • You can keep using internet after it is connected to ' Osaka Enjoy Rally ' automatically, if it is submitted.
  • User's registration 6-9 is left out from second time then it starts agreement screen about security level.


  • Osaka Free Wi-Fi (OFW) and Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite (OFWL) have different authentications. You are required to complete the initial authentication procedure for each before service can be accessed.
  • After using OFWL eight times a day via one e-mail address, you may be able to use another e-mail address to use the same service (maximum of 30 minutes × 8 times per day).
  • After connecting to OFW or OFWL, you need to complete the initial authentication to use the Internet. Even after you complete initial authentication, you may not be able to use the Wi-Fi system beyond the limitation of time for use. In such case, you may be required to agree to other conditions.
  • The default language for the authentication window is English; however, it can be changed to Japanese, Chinese (Traditional/ Simplified), Korean and Thai.

Terms of Use

How to use Osaka Free Wi-Fi by Chrome

When you attempt to use Osaka Free Wi-Fi from the latest Chrome application, it is not displayed top page of Osaka_Free_Wi-Fi because it works function which is included in the same application.(It is blocked) In this case, you can use it like following.

  1. Tap Chrome application.
  2. Tap upper right menu icon on blocked screen.
  3. Tap 'History'
  4. Tap optional URL from history.?
  5. Wi-Fi top page is displayed

?If you tap URL starts with 'http://' in connecting history, it displays top page of Osaka Free Wi-Fi. Or register URL starts with 'http://' and tap it.

About transfer between Wi-Fi spot

'Osaka Free Wi-Fi' shows you top page of Wi-Fi whenever you pass access point (machine which sends Wi-Fi signal). (There is case that we can use continuously at some places like station.)

It shows you Wi-Fi top page whenever you pass access point.
Tap 'internet here' in Wi-Fi top page then confirm security level and tap 'agree' (2parts) to connect internet service.
It shows you Wi-Fi top page again and tap 'internet here' to connect internet service.
It shows you Wi-Fi top page whenever you pass access point.

About avoid connecting automatically

If you connect to 'Osaka Free Wi-Fi/Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite ' once, it is connected from next time automatically.
ex) After connecting to internet service at subway Namba station, it is connected automatically if you keep Wi-Fi on to subway Shinsaibashi station which is Wi-Fi area.
(When it is connected to internet automatically, you need to verify again.)

If you avoid connecting internet automatically the above, you have to delete network setting.

In the case of iOS
  1. Tap 'setting'
  2. Tap 'Wi-Fi'
  3. Tap line of 'Osaka_Free_Wi-Fi'
  4. Tap 'delete network setting'
In the case of Android
  1. Tap 'setting'
  2. Tap 'wireless and network' → 'Wi-Fi'
  3. Press and hold 'Osaka_Free_Wi-Fi' on 'Wi-Fi' list.
  4. Tap 'disconnect network'
Osaka Free Wi-Fi Spots Terms of Use
Wi-Fi can be used with certified terminals that meet the technical regulations conformity certification of Japan. Please note that use of uncertified terminals may be illegal. (Apple iPhone and iPad can be used. Please visit the link below to check if your device can be used.)

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How to use Osaka Enjoy Rally

Easy search function is available and you can access to the facility or store information you are staying automatically.
You will get special offer /service and furthermore,you also get gift card if you are elected in a game.

  1. Choose three types of searching.
  2. If you narrow down category, you will match a purpose more.
  3. If you narrow down area, you will search by limited to a specified territory.
  4. If you narrow down the nearest station, you will search facilities around the applicable station.
  5. Tap 'look for this condition' if you decide it.
  6. It is showed you facility summary in search results 'list'
  7. It is showed you current location and location of facility in search results 'map'
  8. If you tap facility, you can check details of it.